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Heather  Willis, LMT, CMT #71325

I am a Certified Massage Therapist in the state of California,  Licensed Massage Therapist in both Sacramento  & El Dorado Counties, providing outstanding therapeutic massage services. I am an Insured and Certified Massage Therapist through ABMP,  all in good standing.  I am CPR certified. I am an R.D.A. in good standing with the Board of Consumers in the State of California, also Certified Spray Tan Technician. I have had well over 500 hours of training in many modalities at Healing Arts Institute, formally of Citrus Heights, CA. Healing Arts was very well established in the arts and had been training and bringing forth outstanding Massage Therapists since 1990. I choose to further my knowledge through Continuing Education courses that I continue to attend and obtain additional ideas, methods, and modalities. I interned throughout my training to get further hands on skills as well as being mentored.

In my daily practices, I have chosen to focus on those modalities that I feel that my skills excel in and those that have touched my heart. I have served and continue to serve as a Massage Therapist in a Hospice setting as well as the Medical, Special Populations capacity, and developing Autism Services. I've offered volunteer hours to Mather Field Veterans Hospital serving those who served our country and have returned home.

It is my firm belief that a Massage Therapist can assist in the body healing itself. Whether the ailment is stress, muscular, injury, post surgery, energy related, or falls within the special population and requires a very specific nature of facilitation, therapists encourage, promote, the rebalancing within the body. We, you and I are partners in achieving this. 

I have added Sunless Custom Spray Tanning to my practices. I have been certified by the leading Organic Sunless Producers in the industry. I have done so as to provide a safe alterative to those seeking that sun-kissed look for special occasions, seasonally and or all year long as opposed to sun, UV exposure. In my work as a CMT/LMT I found so many of my clients suffering from skin cancer, sun damaged skin, or were on medications, had medical conditions that did not allow sun exposure. It is my goal to provide an option for those of you desiring that beautifully bronzed, sun-kissed safely.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, friends, and do anything outdoors. I enjoy gardening, Yoga, kayaking, hiking, biking, dance, camping, fishing, and swimming. I am highly creative, love wood-working, painting, and doing DIY projects.


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