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Autism, PTSD & other Disability Services

Autism Services

These services are provided on a case by case, consultation required prior to initial session only. Autism Services can be an array of desensitizing therapies and or in combination with specific sensory issues that are being addressed. It has been found through such targeted therapy an increased level of concentration, better sleep and much easier to fall asleep, abilities to accept touch and or desensitization to certain stimulus, always only working within the ability of each individual at that time..

With Children parent participation is instrumental to the success of the therapy. An at home program is provided to be done always only to the ability of each individual.


PTSD Services, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I am a provider of PTSD services both in office and throughout the community. There are a number of ways in which one could find themselves suffering from PTSD. Many of those I see are Veterans, Abused Women, or Men, those who have witness heinous acts or other traumatic events. Those who are troubled by death of loved ones be they spouse, parent, or child. When ever an experience has affected someone to an extreme, has left them in a place in which facilitation is needed. 

There are certain muscles within the body that hold chronic pain, emotional pain. I facilitate by holding space, relieving the tension in those specific muscles as indicated. I hold a safe space for you in which when your ready, you can with my help and facilitation allow your muscles to release, relieving your body of some of it's ongoing chronic pain, alleviating many times the heart and mind as well.


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Your insurance company may pay for this, I can accept your HSA, FSA, or other employee reimbursement account. Victims Witness Programs also do pay for these services. Please ask me how, I am happy to assist you in helping you to obtain the services you need.

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