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Events, Workshops, Trainings

Events, Workshops, Trainings 



10/12/18   Reiki I Training 9-1pm

10/13/18   Reiki I Training 9-1 pm

10/14/18     Women's Circle Theme Moon Energy 1-2:30 pm

10/19/18   2nd of Fall meditation Series 9-11 am

10/24/18   Couples Nurturing Touch Workshop 6:30-8 pm

10/25/18  Crystal Singing Bowl Bath 6-7 pm

10/27/18   Reiki II 9-1pm


11/7/18    Couples Nurturing Touch 6:30-8 pm

11/9/18     Rain Drop Therapy/Technique 9-1pm

11/14/18   Couples Nurturing Touch 6:30-8 pm

11/17/18   Reiki Master 9-1 pm

11/16/18   3rd of Fall Meditation Series 9-11am


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