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About me and my Yoga journey, philosophy...

I have been practicing the physical form of Yoga for more than 15 years. I gravitated in and fell away from it at times, mostly due to sports injury or the birth of a child. As many of you know I even was broken by it, dislocating my knee (taking a quarter sized divot out of the patella) in full splits back in 2014. That, had me away from Yoga for a year and brought me to another beautiful journey but of course we always make our way back to the path... After spending a year in a PT rotation, getting surgery, healing, renewed strength, spirit, I gravitated back...

I then decided to allow my path to unfold, which brought me to such expansion in learning Breath work, Himalayan Kriyas  and furthering my knowledge and growth in meditation. I attended the most amazing teacher training with Cathy Connors, owner of Awake Yoga Studio in El Dorado Hills, CA and gained not only knowledge but incredible beautiful soul added to my life. Here are a few pictures from my experience in my 200 hr YTT. 


Continuing to further my growth in areas that are dear to my practice such as yin and even ones that aren't because, well that is growth. I took two different Yin Trainings, one with James Kapicka in the fall of 2018 at beautiful Body Yoga in Roseville, Ca. This was incredible and really coupled well with my previous exposure, training with Acupressure.  This was such a fun training to part part in and it was filled with such an amazing group! Here are some snap shots of our light hearted, fun spontaneous selves during this training. 



I began another teacher training very spontaneously while attending a Kriya Intensive Workshop. I felt that I just needed more... So with that, honoring my inner voice in August of 2018 I joined Cathy Connor's 300hr TT, finishing in March of 2019. I truly find so much joy in these intensive trainings where for days, we can share space and connect to ourselves and others on a much deeper level. Revisiting some beautiful moments during this training.



My self practice has always been one of being very mindful, building organic heat and power, full of intention,  sense of being so incredibly present in every pose. Where the entire world can fall away, all that truly exists is me and my mat, yet I am so fully alive, everything fully existing simultaneously. My favorite place to practice is outdoors, with nature... I prefer organic heat, do love a good Hot Yoga class too mostly in the Winter. I had a practice off my mat which includes Kriyas, Breathwork, Meditation and Sound Healing. The beauty of my practice is found between moments of what is real, my dogs that wish to practice, my cats... It's all beautiful.



My teaching experience was in teaching my own children as shown here with my youngest Yogi... Noah pictures of when he was about 4-5 years and then at age 11. Raising children to be mindful, grounded on and off the mat, moving forward with compassion, kindness and in love.


My favorite class to teach, well... I love any class. I, searching myself deeply would say, one that is filled with intention, transitioning safely from and into pose, filled with mindfulness of your body in each moment. One which,  understanding that growth and your best varies from moment to moment, side to side and fully understanding to love your body enough to listen to it enough to give it challenge but also give it softness.



Yoga I Offer

Vinyasa Flow, Yin-style Vinyasa(slower, deeper) practice, with intention, mindfulness, and deep presence. Yin and Power Vinyasa very intent-fully done. I am able to assist you in "Functional Yoga", poses which focus on parts of your body that are particularly tight or hold tension. Being well skilled with Chakra work, I also use a combination of  Asana~Movement, Pranayama & Kriya~ Breathwork and Meditation to allow energy to flow, encouraging more balanced Chakra's.

My thoughts on physical practice of Yoga is in being mindful in each and every pose. Through movement with deep intention we are able to achieve better alignment, stronger poses, softer poses and better listen to the mind, body and soul... Fully nourishing them all in that moment, existing fully in that moment.

I find great joy in teaching and will do my best to offer in available studios locally for both classes and workshops. 


Guided Meditation

Meditation, is a useful tool in reducing a number of health ailments such as stress, high blood pressure, stomach issues. It can also be incredibly helpful in having more restful nights, better sleep. Meditation, can be done in many forms such as Guided Meditation, Visualization, Passive, Journeys just to name a few. It can be helpful of moving past barriers which impede our ability to move forward with goals, relationships, healing.



Breathwork can be absolutely amazing for many reasons. Increasing oxygen to the body is always an incredible benefit. There are very many different types of breath work some Yogic based called Kriyas. I am able to assist you in some variety of Breathwork, exposure to different types be they traditional, Kriya based, working on Chakras, so on.


For in depth look at Breathwork and Meditation please go to Benefits of Breathwork and Meditation Page.

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